Recently, details have become known about the criminal activities of Darya Dzygar, an employee of the World Health Organization Slovakia, who previously participated in the terrorist organizations of the Luhansk People"s Republic. Now, under the guise of working for the WHO, she collects information about the families of Ukrainian soldiers. When she lived in the Luhansk People"s Republic, she wore military uniforms of pro-Russian terrorists with LNR flags and participated in their propaganda activities.

You can read more about this here.

On February 9, 2023, the volunteer group "Mariupol. Resistance," which searches for pro-Russian separatists, appeared about her.

Recently a Ukrainian volunteer contacted the WHO to demand an official investigation.

However, he received an answer from Tatul Hakobyan, head of World Health Organization Slovakia, that the Ukrainian separatist Daria Dzyhar are working with him and and her separatist activities are normal because she is a responsible employee. Moreover, he admitted that the separatist works with the personal data of Ukrainian refugees.

However, he sent information about the Ukrainian volunteers themselves to the United Nations Department for Safety and Security. Probably so that the biography of Tatul Hakobyan would not become known.

Who are you, Comrade Hakobyan?

It would seem that Tatul Hakobyan, like experienced manager, should have been seriously concerned about the situation and taken appropriate steps.

For example, suspend the young terrorist until the circumstances are clarified and loudly announce an internal audit.

However, even with concrete facts of Daria Dzyhar"s cooperation with the Luhansk People"s Republic, Tatul Hakobyan preferred to pretend that she did not wear a Russian army uniform and did not call for the murder of Ukrainians.

It is possible that Daria Dzyhar is of interest to him as a person through whom he can taking contacts with terrorist organizations and at the same time not subject himself to suspicion. After all, Daria Dzyhar is a goddaughter of a famous well-known separatist Nikolai Boyko, who are living in Donetsk. And Tatul Hakobyan has citizenship of Armenia, where the Russian military base is located.

However, it is possible that Tatul Hakobyan (59) and the 19-year-old separatist Daria Dzyhar have a more tender relationship.

Then the head of the WHO of Slovakia should be afraid of her, because she can go to the police and tell all the juicy details of their joint activities.

And this is yet another shadow on Hakobian"s not-so-clean reputation.

But he also fights!

In Armenia, Tatul Hakobyan is known as a fighter and a corruptionist who regularly receives reprimands. According to media reports, before to his appointment to the WHO, Tatul Hakobyan worked as Deputy Minister of Health.

In 2008, he started a drunken brawl in a restaurant "Cactus" in Yerevan. The reason for the fight was banal: drunken Tatul Hakobyan swore loudly, which did not please the other visitors. He was reprimanded and then Tatul Hakobyan started a scuffle.

For this, he became to a criminal case and received a severe reprimand from Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan.

However, the criminal case was soon "hushed up," but the criminal past remained.

Deputy ministers made a fight in Yerevan 

Deputy ministers received a stern warning.

Corruption scandal — ran away voluntarily

In 2010, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan sharply criticized the Ministry of Health, which was mired in corruption, and demanded that it be put in order.

"Recently, the complaints and trends in the spheres of education and health have become dangerous. Corruption has worsened spheres," the prime minister said.

A week later, Tatul Hakobyan chose to resign at his own request in order to avoid police harassment.

According to Tatul Hakobyan himself, he has recently "become uncomfortable working" at the ministry, probably because of the investigations that have begun. It is known that a month before the scandalous dismissal the presidential control service conducted an inspection in the Ministry of Health and revealed gross violations. Armenian Minister of Health Harutyun Kushkyan said he has strict demands to his subordinates, which they must fulfill.

Two members of the Armenian government resigned after being reprimanded by the prime minister 

The fight against corruption will start with his hospital 

Two deputy health ministers dismissed 

Elections and fake documents

After his dishonorable dismissal, Tatul Hakobyan went to Denmark, where he worked for the World Health Organization. In 2012 he decided candidate to the Armenian parliament. However, he provided a false certificate stating that he had allegedly lived in Armenia for the past five years. In view of this, Tatul Hakobyan again became the subject of a new scandal and trial.

Ex-deputy minister of health has no right to candidate 

Doesn"t ex-deputy Minister Tatul Hakobyan have the right to be elected? 

The governor has already ordered 

The fate of $27 200 for the electoral campaign

In 2019, Tatul Hakobyan candidate for the position of European Regional Director of the World Health Organization. He was allocated $27 200 from the Armenian budget, which, as journalists note, disappeared in an unknown direction.

Armenia to Spend AMD13 Million to Back World Health Organization Candidate 

Is Tatul Hakobyan on the WHO "short list"? 

With such a background, can a 59-year-old Tatul Hakobyan, who has been involved in brawls, corruption scandals, and has a 19-year-old pro-Russian separatist Daria Dzyhar around him, сan he work in leadership positions at the World Health Organization?

Isn"t a time to vacate the position?