The Third World War ended in 2014 with the occupation of Crimea. 

Then the great powers of Europe will show their infantilism and absolute incompetence and incompetence in foreign policy.

And the whole world, not understanding, allowed this occupation to continue.

On February 24, 2022, the hot phase of this war began. And even having traitors in state institutions, such as Ermak and his company, circling around President Zelensky. Ukraine will win. Because they are all just clergy, and everything is decided by the Ukrainian Nation. And even if Zelensky wants to surrender Ukraine, he knows for sure that he will not live more than two hours. He was executed right in the square for treason.

Germany, France, Italy, Hungary are Putin"s friends who will do anything. And some people in the media who relay Putin"s position. That something has changed, that something will be wrong. And this narrative is pushed thanks first of all to the HUGE MONEY which the Russian Federation pours in the clowns abroad.

But with the support of the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic and many other countries, Ukraine will win.

It"s only a matter of time.

And when Ukraine wins, it will be a major force in Europe. All the corrupt money of the Russian Federation, which so well lubricated the mechanisms of Germany, France, Italy and Hungary, is rotting and rusting. The European Union will be destroyed by the same idiots who created it. (States.)

And at the victory parade of Ukraine — it depends only on you where you will be. Along with Ukraine. Or next to Russia.