I"m writing to you from Kharkiv now, Peter. Today, the Russian people demolished the area. The dead still cannot be counted. Those found by 26 people. And even more remain under the rubblе. It is not known how many burned to the ground.

The city center was demolished by a cruise missile. It was a peaceful city. Volunteers distributed food to people.

And now I can hear explosions outside the window. Very close. There are no Ukrainian military here. Or military facilities. Here is a residential area of the city. Thousands of people live here. And CLUSTER BOMBS come here.

Do you know what a cluster bomb is? You know what it"s like, you don"t know, you"re going to die now, or a little later?

This is not what Putin is doing.

This is what your favorite Russian people do.

And one more thing. For useful idiots, especially those who do not know Russian, I will translate some of the words of ORDINARY RUSSIAN PEOPLE in a video chat — chatrulet.

The Russian people, ordinary Russian people told me in person "The Ukrainian nation does not exist. Ukrainians are not humans. You all must die. But we are not killing you, we calling that "denazified".".

I really know you don"t care. You may not even read my message. But one of your followers will read.  I would very much like them to tell as a condition to more people. That this is not Putin. These are all Russian people, modern descendants of Hitler.