According to available information, Russia"s military command is now looking into a scenario where the Russian territory will be shelled and the Ukrainian side will be blamed for the attack.

The Russians are poised to attack own cities using the BM-21 Grad MLR systems, to accuse the Ukrainian Army of targeting the civilian population. The Azov Regiment"s Commander Serhiy Velychko (call sign Chile) will be designated as the one immediately responsible for the "attack."

The strike on Russian peaceful cities and the ensuing civilian casualties will allow the Kremlin to accuse the "Nazi regime of Ukraine", in the face of the Azov Regiment, of crimes against humanity.

The city of Belgorod and other settlements across Belgorod and Kursk regions are believed to be targeted in the upcoming attack.

Taking into account the fact that on March 14, the Russian invaders had already staged a hoax Tochka-U missile attack on Donetsk, which resulted in multiple civilian casualties, the likelihood of this scenario coming true is now extremely high.

Moscow is now trying as much as possible to absolve itself of responsibility for the shelling of peaceful cities across Ukraine and the murder of thousands of peaceful Ukrainians, by staging an act of aggression against its own cities and citizens.

Also, it is known that the Russian security agencies are now recruiting assets among Ukrainians residing in Russia.

This is being done in order to simulate the existence in Russian regions of Ukrainian sabotage groups, consisting, including, of foreign military personnel who have earlier joined the Ukrainian Army ranks.

As evidence to back the claim, Russia will employ testimony of Ukrainians, allegedly detained in Russia amid their "sabotage mission." Staged attacks on urban infrastructure can"t be ruled out either. Perhaps there will some attacks similar to the tragic events that occurred in Odesa on May 2, 2014 (deadly fire in the Trade Union House), with the use of Molotov cocktails and arson attempts as acts of retribution.

It is also known that the Russian security services have at their disposal a database of all Ukrainian national passports issued in the city of Marioupol.

Obviously, with such staged hoax acts, Russia intends not only to pose as victim whose peaceful cities are being attacked by "Zelensky"s Nazi regime", but also to carry out a large-scale act of intimidation of own population, which, being subjected to Western sanctions, may lose faith in the incumbent government.